How to stop problems with Nuisance Dogs

We stock a full range of DIY Dog Pest Control Products and Supplies to repel, deter and stop problem dogs

We stock Repellent Granules and Sprays that are non toxic, smell deterrents ideal for use to protect flower borders or veg plots to prevent flowers and vegetables from being disturbed.

We have an extensive range of Electronic Dog Repellers that are for repelling and deterring cats, dogs or foxes from coming into your outdoor space and we also stock a Water Jet Spray Dog Repeller that not only will scare away cats, dogs and foxes but will give your garden a water at the same time!

If you want to stop a dog or fox from climbing over walls, fences or gates, our Prikka Strip Deterrent Cones will do the job. These plastic cones are also known as Wall, Fence or Anti - Climb Spikes and not only do they deter dogs but they will also deter human intruders from gaining access to your property via walls, fences or gates!

Perhaps there is a stray or feral Dog that you would either like to catch and tame or that you would like to rescue to take to a Dogs Home or Sanctuary, if so we can supply a Live Catch Dog Cage Trap that will catch a Dog and that you can then use to transport the animal to its new *home*.

All of our products are humane and cause no harm to dogs.