How to get rid of Rats

Why are there so many Rats in the UK?

According the the BPCA - British Pest Control Association - rat numbers have increased to around 200 million.

The Common Rat in the UK is the Brown or Norwegian Rat - Rattus Norvegicus. Rats are common in all areas where humans live. Food we store or dispose of and our general living conditions are ideal for rats to survive and prosper.

Milder winters have reduced the natural mortality rate of rats and the increased waste materials we are producing only allow rats to live and breed faster and easier.

Evidence to look for of rat activity in the home are rat droppings or gnawing and outdoors in the garden evidence of rat burrowing or gnawing. Another sign that there is a rodent problem is rat trails that can sometimes be noticed where rats have frequently passed through an area.

It is important to control the rat population as rats can cause contamination to stored food products with their urine and faeces. They can also cause damage by gnawing many different materials including electrical wiring which is a potential fire hazard or plastic water pipes which can lead to flooding.

In a building, rats may be present under floors, in cavity walls and in roof voids and they can come into living areas through holes in walls or through waste pipe exit points of sinks and baths etc. As rats are usually present in sewer systems, they can find their way to the surface or under houses through breakages in sewer or drain pipes.

Rats can spread several different diseases including hantavirus, leptospirosis and rat bite fever and so it is important to stop and prevent rat problems or infestations.

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